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The aim of the site is to be a central information source for yoga in the North east of England. Please visit the site on a regular basis to find information on Teachers, Classes, Events and Training in your region. 


If you are a BWY North member you can access a section specifically for you by clicking on the Members link on the right of the top navigation bar or from the drop down menu if you are on a mobile. BWY teachers are invited to register and maintain details of all their classes via the ‘Manage my yoga classes’ page in the Members Only page.

For additional information about registering or updating classes, and other features of the website, visit the About this website page.

There are excellent opportunities in our region to find yoga classes by BWY-qualified teachers to suit all ranges of ability, level of interest and practice. Whether you want local weekly classes, speciality classes, seminars or Training, there is something for everyone.

Everyone can find BWY-qualified teachers at a wide range of venues, backed up by a wonderful range of seminars on interesting yoga-related topics to suit all ranges of ability, levels of interest and practice. See our Yoga Events page for full details of events taking place in our region.

If you are interested in training to become a teacher, visit the BWY Training page for information about BWY-run courses.

If you need to contact any of the region’s officers or county reps, you may do so via email links on the Regional Contacts page.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

“Deep within the mind, beyond the faintest flicker of thought, our true nature is experienced as an undying and omnipresent vastness. Absolute consciousness, animating everything in creation, is the source and goal of all life. Yoga calls it the Self.”

There are five types of mental activity. They may or may not cause suffering: Understanding, Misunderstanding, Imagination, Sleep and Memory.

  • Understanding is correct knowledge based on direct perception, inference, or the reliable testimony of others.
  • Misunderstanding is the delusion that stems from a false impression of reality.
  • Imagination is thought based on an image conjured by words, and is without substance.
  • Sleep is the mental activity that has as its content the sense of nothingness.
  • Memory is the returning to the mind of past experience.

“These five types of mental activity are settled through the practice of Yoga and the freedom it bestows.”

[Chapter1 v5-12] translated by Alistair Shearer

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