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IST – Open body, open heart – fulfilling our yoga potential

IST – Open body, open heart – fulfilling our yoga potential

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10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cooper Hall
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This event has a changed title, but it is the same event as the one previously entitled

Stories on and off the yoga mat – a day of asana, inquiry and tales of the unexpected!

Overall aim


To provide a fresh and simple way to understand the way we learn, act and interact as human beings. To highlight the extraordinary human capacity for learning and to explore how that ability influences not just how we think and feel but also how we inhabit our bodies. This is an exploration of karma, psychology and anatomy all in one story

Structure of the day

The day will be a mix of tutor presentation, group discussion and practical exploration involving individual asana practice and group work. We will touch on topics as large and diverse as anatomy, psychology and philosophy, but in a grounded and practical way using simple everyday examples to explore key themes. There will be space for laughter, as well as an opportunity for music, poetry and, of course, storytelling! The day promises to provoke reflection and provide inspiration and innovation for your practice and/or teaching.

About the Tutor

Ade, a father of two, currently works as a Rolfer, Craniosacral therapist, and yoga teacher.
His yoga story is centred around a daily ashtanga yoga practice begun in 2000 and involving many months working with Nancy Gilgoff on the mythical island of Maui. He has been sharing stories about yoga since 2004. He loves a good tale!

Aims and Objectives of the Morning

To introduce and explore the idea that patterns and narratives provide the basis for how we understand the world and that these same stories shape the way we occupy our bodies.
Students will be able to define and identify stories in the form of patterns and narratives found in various aspects of life and to give examples of helpful, harmful and neutral stories in the context of their bodies, minds and societies.

Aims and Objectives of the afternoon

To review stories commonly found in yoga teaching/practice and consider their usefulness in a range of circumstances.
Students will be able to describe examples of key stories used in the teaching and tradition of yoga and to identify examples of patterns and narratives arising in their own asana practice.

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